- the sculpture was sculpted from maple ash wood.

      I. Expiation (height 175 cm)
      The sculpture may mean:

            1. Blocks of flats
            People who represent the whole section of society live on a small area: different             people, different worlds. Only one block of flats gathers so many emotions: joy,             sadness, happiness, regret, laughter and tears. The growths on wood symbolize             the leprosy of man's sins.

            2. Misericordia
            St. Veronica's cloth, which stresses the meaning of mercy in man's life is in the             center of the sculpture. The figures emerging from the tree bough symbolize the             twelve disciples of Christ who, just like the inhabitants of floors or blocks of flats,             created a community.

            3. Visualization of "Gombrowicz's gęba"
            Reference to Witold Gombrowicz's grotesque entitled "Ferdydurke"."Because there             is no escape against a gęba (face). Only into another gęba (face). And one can             only take shelter against man in the arms of another man".
II. Catharsis (height 158 cm)
This name applies to a sculpture, which presents the face of Virgin Mary and the image of the Holy Spirit. Its cleansing power and the care of the Intermediary of all mercies make people able to revive from a fall and even to sainthood - therefore, Mary is surrounded by the statues of saints.

Gethsemane - the stones symbolize the apostles: Peter, James and John.

Scourging (height 190 cm) - the mirror is a symbol of:
      - what is invisible, what lays hidden deep in each of us,
      - our brittleness and time passing unrelentingly

Coronation of Virgin Mary (Madonna on stairs, height 119 cm)
      Mary's life was determined by the following stages:
      - Fiat (Be it done unto me),
      - Magnificat (My soul doth magnify the Lord),
      - Stabat (Stabat Mater Dolorosa - The grieving Mother stood weeping),
      - Assumpta Est (Mary is taken up into heaven).
      Mary followed these steps up to heaven serving God and people.

Lacrimosa (flood of tears, height 235 cm)
      The sculpture can be interpreted as follows:

      1. Requiem for my friend Jesus
      2. Pieta of the Stoned

Additional information

The statues surrounding Mary in the Pentecost scene: priest Popiełuszko, father Pio, blessed Aniela Salawa, St. Francis, St. Jerome, St. Rita, St. Barbara, brother Albert, St. Jan Vaniey, St. Teresa, St. Anthony.

The order of figures in the mystery of the Last Supper (from the left): James, son of Zebedee, Bartholomew, Thaddeus, Philip, Thomas, John, Christ, James, son of Alphaeus, Matthew the Tax Collector, Judas Iscariot, Simon known as Peter, Andrew, Simon of Cana.

There is a sculpture representing the Holy Spirit (Christ has dispelled cloths) behind the figures of the apostles.

The following persons kneel next to Mary in the Assumption scene: St. Onuphrius and St. Isidore, St. Maximilian Kolbe stands slightly at the back.

Judas's pieces of silver lie under the cross in the Crucifixion scene.

In the grave in the Resurrection scene, there is a small angel from a tree root whose structure was shaped by the lake water.